Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Leading Transparency in Namibia

Leading people by considering their needs and democratically is what is meant by transparency. Looking in to the Namibian context, we have some leaders who privatise the state properties and take them as if the country belongs to an individual person. For example, a person is stealing away the money that are allocated to his/her ministry. Where is he taking the money for the state to? This is a serious case which is categorised into corruption practices. It is now becoming a day-by-day term that most Namibian use to describe the unfair practices over the Namibian nation. However, the newly elected president is eager to root out this corrupted leaders and put those in favour of the whole nation. For all we need from the leaders that are leading is patriotism toward the Namibian nation. The committee of presidential inquiry will be set up now to deal with unpatriotic, money scum and nepotism that are bieng practised by some leaders.


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