Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Namibian Men against violence

The Council of Churches in Namibia have come up with the idea to form the organisation called NAMEC [Namibian Men for Change] in the year 2002. This organisation aims to change men's attitudes towards women and children abuse in Namibia. It also would like to strengthen the men's responsibility in their families and the society at large. The organisation led by Rev. Ngeno Nakamela and Uncle Abdullah Mwakembeu as leading figures. They have gone throughout Namibia and inform men through meetings, workshops and church services. They then have hope that, Namibian men really ready to make a change. This is supported by the fact that, no more lots of crimes concerning women and children, only some few individuals but not so high. It also include people with disabilities throughout their administrative works of the organisation. The members of NAMEC are from different political regions such as Omusati, Otjikoto, Ohangwena, Khomas, Hardap, and others. The meetings usually attended by students, youth and older population and mostly by men. They usually gave their views on how they think will be the way to equal gender and stop violence against women an dchildren. It is showing a nice progression towards rooting out violence against women and children of our country Namibia.

Abraham Vilho's review of NAMEC