Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Human behaviours and Professionalism

Human behaviours

Human behaviour is a great concern now in the world around us. People as the superior creatures over others and it seemed that they are now evolving again towards similar characters to those of animals. "We are human being and we must be identical from animals". For instance, rape cases that are escalating in the whole world. Are we not supposed to groom our children out of such fear? Especially, men have became a source of fear throughout societies whereas they were expected to be the loving and protective fathers of the families. Men need to make a difference since they are too violent. We (men), are claiming that the Bible have stated that, 'a woman was created from a man's rib', so why are we not showing them that we are there for them and let them understand that they are our products.

The other example is for HIV/Aids, where men have shown the world that they cannot be able to withstand the challenges that woman living with it can face or experience. Who is coward? Women or men? Definately men will be defined as coward as they afraid to live while a woman who is always said to have soft heart can be with for years.

Warning: these are just opinions and not really correct to every person. So, you can take it or leave it. It is not only talking about men, women also.


Professionalism as explained by Professor Joseph Diescho (2006; 28, July), 'it is when a certain educated person about a particular job has carried out what he pledge or promised that he is going to do in accordance with the code of conducts of such particular job'. Therefore, we can say somebody did something unprofessional when he did not do what he was expected to do as part of his job or oath. However, unprofessional people can do exeptionally well without being taught of what to do. This is a clear indication that even unprofessional people can do more than educated people to do a specific job. A professional person is he who is moulded and shaped to carry out a specific task. For example, teachers, nurses and doctors, policemen and military officers, etc. A professional lawyer is he who defends his clients and free them from the procecution of the law. So, professionally, he have done it well.