Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The United Nations and the World

People of the world were tired of the murder and horror as a result of the WWI and WWII. Therefore, decided to form up an organization or a body that can protected the world from the outbreak of any other future world war again. This led to the formation of the World body called 'The United Nations' in the mid 1940s after the failure organization called the League of Nation. The United Nations as well have its structure where it base its work. However, the main aim of the United Nations is to keep the World at peace all the time and prevent countries from attacking one another. To the suprise of the world, it is like a body that that is controlled by one country in the whole world. Most of its duties and responsibilities lies in hands of one specific country. In other word it is being used by some countries offcourse to gain what they want. Why is it not sticking on what it intends to. It now lack some professional part of its job. It also have failed to stop the war between Israelis and Palestinians. It failed to prevent the war between Iraqis and Americans. It still failing in most of the world conflicts that are more likely to cause the third world war. These way seem very shallow, but dangerous and may eventually cause the war. Is the world currentlly at peace? It is not at all. Every powerful country that wants to get anything from poor and powerless country will just be given this opportunity by the United Nations. Why is it not imposing trade sanctions on aggressive countries? It is just dealing successfully with the Nuclear Committee on Iran. How did it make sure that other countries, especially superpowers doesn't have these nuclear weapons? There must be some other hidden objectives among countries that are backing up the UN to enforce some of its decision that are offcourse in their favour. It is by this time that the UN is still going to regarded less successful in problem-solving issues that are caused by aggressive countries.